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ACABT Recruitment- Contractor of Direct Labour

Position: Project Contractor of Direct Labour -Event Secretary and several assistants (APEC Project PPSTI 06 2019A)

Number of direct labour to be contracted: 1 person (Event Secretary)

Working Location: APEC-ACABT Secretariat Office

Position Available: 2020/09/15-2021/03/15

Contract Value: A total of US$16,196 (included several assistants fee which is total of US$6,400) will be paid for the contracted tasks listed In the ToR. This amount is inclusive of income taxation, annual bonus, labour and health insurance fees. The expected due date of payment as stated in the ToR and follow the Guidelines of Guidebook on the APEC Project.


Job description (Please refer to the Terms of References for more details):

The contractor will lead the delivery of the project’s objectives and outputs as highlighted above and detailed in the Project Proposal for Project PPSTI 06 2019A. Below is the scope of work:

Implementation on Green Synergy Solutions Events, Events Summary Report, Project Report, draft APEC Project Completion Report and related deliverables

The contractor will arrange, control, execute and complete the whole Green Synergy Solutions Events. After the Green Synergy Solutions Events, the contractor will complete and deliver the Events summary report, Project Report, and draft the APEC Completion Report to PO in the timeline.

Ensure that will have a 50% goal is targeted for women’s participation in the Policy Dialogue and Workshop both as speakers and participants, the criteria is based on Innovation and Technology, that women have the same opportunities as men to benefit from and participate in development and implementation of scientific advances and new technologies.

The Project Report shall be produced for publication as an APEC Publication.


General Project Management

The Contractor will be required to provide project management and submit reporting to the PO, according to the project proposal and guidebook on APEC projects. Responsibilities include:

  • Liaising closely and working in collaboration with a PO in performing the works in the contract;
  • Keeping the PO informed of progress of the work, timelines and budget;
  • Assisting the PO to manage and mitigate the risks as identified in the Project Proposal;
  • Ensuring all participants, including experts and speakers, are briefed on their roles, entitlements and obligations before they are engaged to attend an event or participate in a project; and
  • Collecting and providing all necessary information as required by APEC fora (particularly PPSTI and EWG) and the APEC Secretariat to monitor the progress and evaluate the results of a project.

Specifications of Skills Sets and Experience

Skills and experiences required from contractors shall be:

  1. Demonstrated project-management capability, including event organization and oversight.
  2. Capacity for producing events guidance and undertaking the necessary research required; and
  3. Strong command of English (written and spoken) and strong report development skills.
  4. Strong command of Chinese (written and spoken) with strong teamwork skills.


  1. Bachelor’s Degree and above
  2. Relevant working experience

Documents required     

  1. Curriculum Vitae
  2. Degree Certificate
  3. ID card
  4. A photocopy of Certificate of English Proficiency
  5. Other document that is related to this position

Application Deadline: September 15th, 2020

If you are interest, please send the required documents to Ms. Jane Kwan via email (pykwan@mail.fcu.edu.tw).

For those who apply early, the APEC-ACABT Secretariat will invite the potential candidates to interview as soon as possible before deadline.


APEC-ACABT Secretariat Office Address:

No. 100 Wenhwa Rd., Seatwen, Taichung, Taiwan
Tel: 04-24517250 ext. 6241
Fax: 04-35072114
E-mail: pykwan@mail.fcu.edu.tw  (Ms. Jane Kwan)


Download:   APEC Project PPSTI 06 2019A_ToR.pdf